The 5 Most Important Points Why Start A Business

All your efforts and ideas will benefit only you. Not your boss.

As an employee you earn a salary generally very low compared to what you generate in revenue for the company and its owner. If you think about that as notaries average employee work more than 70,000 hours in your life. And in the end what? You get your check, you spend it and start from scratch again. What about your heritage? Does your family? Goodbye, good, and go.

An employee of a major company in California, told his boss he should sell the goods “in Spanish” for Latinos, which resulted in thousands if not millions of dollars for the company … it is as common employee (can boast as author of the idea but can not teach anything of the profits of it, because he is not the owner.)

The limits of your income may determine you and not your head:
If you are an employee will earn what the company determines that you win. Moreover, always earn less than your supervisor, your supervisor unless your boss, and so on. If you disclose, sacrifice yourself, and work overtime as many good workers, but often you can travel very slowly. (Unless you’re a Fox in Coca Cola.) However, you as owner earn as much as you choose and you fight to win. Your income, you control them. If you want done and you do well, as a business owner can earn thousands or even millions of dollars.

Gabriel, a former employee of AT & T processed all the applications they collected dozens of temporary employees of the company. Had a base salary. One day he decided to start his own company, temporary workers and sold the services to AT & T. Initially his business was very small, but later expanded to UPS and other large enterprises. Today, does the same thing before, but now for your own business … It has over 500 employees on its payroll!

You can enjoy your own schedule and Flexibility:
As usual, your job requires your time, Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm, take your “lunch” at noon, and late is punished. As an entrepreneur, if you plan well, you can control your schedule entry, exit, be more flexible, take time to eat, and to miss when your family or loved ones require. Work to live, not live to work! This is difficult to achieve but not impossible to achieve. Fight, and you’ll make plans.

Joaquin is a very good designer. Makes Web sites for the movie industry. He loved his job but hated his hours and traffic had to cross to reach the office where she worked. Today is a small Web design business. From time to time we have lunch together and taken up to 3 hours … it does not matter since the design can be done later, but no lunch.


Just because you are able.
Believe it or not there are a number of entrepreneurs starting a business just to prove to themselves that they are able to do so. I mean we have money, financial freedom, property, time, and more, but desire and enjoy the creation of a successful business. Why not? Success in business gives you great personal satisfaction. You feel “the king of the world.” Many would give more satisfaction to own a successful business to get a college degree, to be the best employee of the company, and until they win a trophy for athletics. Simple, simple, and simply do it because you can.

Not to sound like an idealist nor a magician, but to illustrate the previous point I comment as follows. Howard Hughes, a millionaire businessman, a few decades ago, joined the airline industry just because I wanted to prove he could do very well. He succeeded. In fact, today the industry is what it is for the great contribution of Howard Hughes. Previously, the experience of flying was something very unique and turbulent. Moreover, the government regulated the industry much. Only a few companies could fly. He sought to turn the industry into a more stable, competitive, and to allow planes to fly higher, safer, and for less money and save the trip for the people. Today. Millions of people travel by air every day, thanks in part to Mr. Hughes.

If you wanted more compelling reason or reasons for deciding to enter the business world, for there you have it. The 5 most compelling reasons to start your own business.

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