Sophie Howard

Sophie Howard – Online Business Coach and Amazon Seller

Sophie Howard is an online business coach and Amazon seller who has built six- and seven-figure businesses. She is based in New Zealand and teaches her students how to build a premium brand that sells on Amazon.Sophie Howard

Her Blue Sky Amazon course has 35 hours of training. She starts with mindset training and explains how to create a plan for success. She also talks about sourcing unique products that can be sold for a long time. Read on Sophie Howard Amazon Review for more information.

What she does

Sophie Howard is a self-proclaimed Amazon Selling Queen who has multiple seven-figure online businesses. She has built her business by sourcing unique products and leveraging a proven private-label system. She has also created several courses and coaching programs to help entrepreneurs start their own successful Amazon FBA businesses. She is a mother of two and lives in New Zealand. She is passionate about helping her students find profitable products and build premium brands.

Her course, “Blue Sky Amazon,” is a comprehensive training program that covers all aspects of the Amazon FBA business model. It consists of two programs: Product University and Amazon Navigator. Both are available in an online format and include video tutorials and templates. The course also includes a free 30-day trial.

The Blue Sky Amazon Course is designed to teach individuals how to sell products on Amazon and achieve financial freedom. Sophie has sold more than 500 products on the platform and has a proven track record of success. She is a popular speaker and has been featured in several media outlets.

In the course, she teaches her methods for finding long-term, high-quality products from overseas suppliers. She also demonstrates how to optimize the listing and product description to increase sales and profits. She also explains how to use social media and email marketing to generate leads. She also reveals her strategies for streamlining the process of shipping products to an Amazon warehouse.

Sophie’s approach to branding is what sets her apart from other Amazon FBA sellers. She has a special focus on branding and creating product listings that appeal to millennials. She has interacted with various nations to find a variety of unique products, including items from Bali, Thailand, and India. She has also outlined her tried-and-true marketing strategies for launching new products and monitoring sales performance using key performance indicators.

Another great aspect of the Blue Sky Amazon Course is its free-to-access YouTube channel. It features videos that offer tips on how to get started selling on Amazon and includes interviews with successful Amazon sellers. The channel is constantly updated and offers a wealth of information to help anyone start their own successful business.

Sourcing unique products

Sophie Howard is an entrepreneur who has built several successful businesses on Amazon. Her latest venture, a tea business, brings in seven figures per year. She also launched a cognitive function medication company and works with partners on a project in Auckland that connects artisans to buyers online. Sophie has a strong belief in self-care and business care, a philosophy that she applies to her daily routine. She spends time with her family and delegates tasks to virtual assistants to free up her time.

Sophie has a unique method of sourcing unique products for her FBA business. She explains how she finds products that have a high customer satisfaction rating and last for a long time. This allows her to create a sustainable, profitable business. She also reveals her strategy for creating an attractive product listing. Sophie uses a combination of SEO and PPC to drive traffic to her listings.

Using her experience as an entrepreneur, she shares tips on how to launch an FBA business and increase sales. She encourages her students to seek out unique, high-quality products. She says that it is important to focus on the quality of the product and avoid slashing prices in order to gain a competitive advantage.

In her course, Sophie outlines the various steps of starting an FBA business, from product research to building a brand and selling through Amazon. She also teaches her students how to use a variety of tools to streamline the process.

This module is one of the most valuable in her course. It teaches her students how to create a product message that resonates with millennials and other potential customers. It also covers the sourcing process, shipping, and labeling. Sophie also gives her students a number of helpful resources, such as a private Facebook group, weekly group Q&A calls, and seven 1-on-1 coaching sessions with a coach.

In her course, Sophie explains how she was able to start an FBA business with minimal investment and how to manage it effectively. She also emphasizes the importance of staying current with all the rules and regulations imposed by Amazon. This is vital to avoiding penalties and fines. She also suggests using a virtual assistant to help with the administrative tasks of running an Amazon business.


Sophie Howard is a seasoned Amazon seller with several six-figure businesses under her belt. Her success has led to her creating a new business that will help other entrepreneurs start their own online ventures. Her new project, Freedom Navigator, starts with a profiling quiz that matches users to the best online business models that are making money today. The program also includes a step-by-step video that will show you how to set up your business and launch it on Amazon.

The course offers a comprehensive overview of the Amazon FBA model. In addition to the fundamentals, it covers topics such as sourcing and marketing. It also covers common shipping problems, such as damaged goods and product returns. Its content is suitable for people who are new to the FBA business.

In this module, Sophie explains how she sourced unique products for her Amazon FBA business. She uses a variety of sources to find these products, including contacting locals in a number of nations. Then she creates a listing for her products and writes persuasive sales copy to attract buyers. She also discusses the benefits of using a social media account to promote her products.

One of the most important aspects of selling on Amazon is packaging. This process is often overlooked, but it can make a huge difference in your revenue. In this module, Sophie teaches her students how to package their products in a way that appeals to millennial shoppers. She also teaches her students how to make their listings stand out from the competition.

Sophie Howard’s course is one of the most popular courses on the market. Its popularity stems from its comprehensive, practical approach to the Amazon FBA model. Unlike other FBA courses, Sophie’s course teaches how to find long-term, profitable products and avoid costly mistakes. Her unique strategies have helped her build multiple seven-figure businesses. Her teaching style is highly effective, and her lessons are easy to follow. This is a must-have course for anyone interested in starting an FBA business.


Sophie Howard is a well-known Amazon seller who has built multiple seven-figure businesses. She also launched an herbal tea brand that quickly became popular on the website and sold millions of dollars’ worth of products. She now has a new project in Auckland that connects artisans with customers. In addition, she has written a book and offers several courses online.

In her course, Sophie teaches students how to find unique products and create a marketing plan that will attract buyers. She also gives advice on sourcing and shipping. She also encourages her students to focus on their businesses and outsource tedious tasks. She says that it’s important to make a profit and have an exit plan.

She also advises students to be careful with what they sell, as Amazon’s rules are always changing. For example, if you’re selling something that violates a rule, you could be fined or even lose your account. It’s important to know your market and stay on top of the latest trends.

If you’re interested in learning how to become an Amazon FBA seller, Sophie Howard’s course is a great place to start. Her program, Blue Sky Amazon Seller Academy, is a comprehensive guide that will teach you the basics of the business model. It has eight core modules and a number of bonus bits, including weekly group Q&A calls and seven 1-on-1 coaching sessions with a coach.

This online course teaches students how to create a product pitch that will pique the interest of potential Amazon buyers. It covers everything, from the product title to the item description. It also explains how to use keyword research to attract customers. In addition to that, the course teaches students how to build an audience and promote their products on social media.

Sophie Howard’s course includes many different videos and articles that cover the basics of FBA selling. It also explains how to navigate the Amazon system and create a successful marketing strategy. The course has been reviewed by multiple sources, and it is considered a worthwhile investment for any beginner who wants to learn how to sell on Amazon.